Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Nina and I am a college student. I’ve always planned to have a blog, I already had one but it got deleted many years ago so I decided to start a new one. The main purpose of this blog is to write reviews about books but I’ll probably write about other things too. I am a romance read. My favorite genres are contemporary and historical romances, but sometimes I read New Adult, Sports Romance or LGBTQ+ books too (but they must have romance inside 🙂 )

Other than books, I also love cats (the more the merrier 🙂 ), ice cream, summer, tea, chocolate…

When I am not reading, which rarely happens, I like to be outside or watch TV series and movies. I probably binge-watch movies a couple times a year (oh well). My two favorite TV series are Friends and White Collar, but my favorite movie kind of depends on my mood.

I hope you’ll like my blog although I am the beginner at blogging. Also, English is not my first language so bear with me, please 🙂

I may not blog a lot, but that’s because I’m mostly active on Goodreads. I post my current reads there and most of the reviews.

Also, as you can see, my blog is in English and Slovenian. Since not many views are from my Slovenian readers I decided months ago to publish my reviews just in English. Maybe I’ll start to post again in Slovenian but for now, only the beginning of the post is in Slovenian.

Since I read a lot I decided to dedicate this blog only to ARCs, but maybe in the future, I’ll decide otherwise, we’ll see.

I love reading new authors! A couple of authors reached to me to review their books and I would love to but I have to turn them down because their books were not romances. If your book is a contemporary or historical romance, new adult or erotica reach out to me! I am interested in a collaboration. I can read and review you book. Or if you’re not sure if I’d like your book, reach out to me anyways and I’ll check your book.

Use ”Contact” form or any of the social media at the beginning of the page.


P.S.: If you would like to know more about me, I wrote a post about that a long time ago. You can check it here. I tried to think of 10+ interesting facts about me. Tried being the key word 😉