Nine by Elizabeth Reyes

Nine (Boyle Heights, #3)

Title // Naslov: Nine

Author // Avtorica: Elizabeth Reyes

Release Date // Datum izdaje: June 22nd 2018 (22. junij 2018)

Genre // Žanr: Contemporary Romance, sodobni roman

Buy here // Kupi tukaj: Amazon



After years of gravitating to douchebag players with no more to offer than a wildly good time and zero promises, single mom Drew has graduated to dating a real man. He’s the responsible, mature kind—willing and able. To offer her and her daughter a real future.

Then along comes Nine.

More like a ten, is her first thought when introduced to the tatted-up, foul-mouthed, unapologetic player. The guy might’ve been her kryptonite five years ago.

But she has a child to think about now.

With every new encounter she has with Nine, she begins to realize there’s so much more to him than just good looks and his bad boy image. She sees a vulnerability in him she never expected. Worse yet, he’s sending out vibes that whisper of promises he’s never made to any girl before.

Is she willing to trade in Mr. Perfect for someone who’s oneimpetuous decision away from proving that her first impression may have been heartbreakingly spot on?


My thoughts:

Elizabeth Reyes is one of my favourite authors. I have read three books from her 5th Street series and loved them all. Her stories are engaging, characters are well-liked and you can’t help but turn pages as you read. It’s almost impossible to stop reading once you start!

I have to say I didn’t read the previous books in this series (all of them are standalones though) but I wanted Nine since the moment I saw it on NetGalley.

The beginning was for me confusing. Maybe it would help if I read the two books before but since I didn’t, I had troubles understanding who is who because there were so many names. You kind of find out later on but it takes a couple pages to do so. I got a feeling like I was suddenly in a scene without so much as a proper beginning. It was like the story of the previous book was cut off and bam, the story continues in the third book with a completely different set of characters. This is how I felt.

Once you get a feel of the story, everything flows. You meet the characters, the side characters and how feelings started to mess with their heads. The MCs started as friends but slowly it turns into something more.

I love how they bickered, how they wanted to fight their attraction. It was a really fun read.

4.5-5 stars.


ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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